5 Ways to Grow Your New Facebook Page


Getting some likes on the board and traction can be hard with a new Facebook Page, so here are 5 ways you can start to grow your account likes.


1. Post 3-4 times per week

3-4 posts per week is perfect for a new page, once you start getting some likes on your posts and a few comments, slowly increase the amount you post. For some businesses 3-4 posts per week will be plenty, for others they need more, but don’t go from 3-4 posts per week to 3-4 posts per day.

Facebook wants to keep its customers happy. It wants to show them content they like. If your page keeps putting out content that your audience is not interested in, its going to flag you as being spammy and as such your reach will drop.


2. Don’t Ask Family and Friends to Like your page

I know this is probably the first point of attack, however you are going to affect your reach in the long run. Instead if you have family and friends that are your target market (and may have friends that are your target market) talk to them and ask them to share your page on their wall with a reason why people should like your page.

My friend Lisa has just launched a new online clothing store and I’ve already eyed off a few things perfect for summer, if you are looking for summer dresses, check out her Facebook page.

If family and friends like your page just to support you, but won’t be liking your posts or clicking through to see your services then you’ve wasted 1 reach on them. You see Facebook will show your posts to a percentage of your audience, if they engage well with that post, it shows a few more people. Wasting your reach on family and friends who are never going to click like, or click a link is a waste. Worse still they may click on the ‘Hide Posts from this page’ – that post will not perform well and it may affect future reach.


3. Share your Page in Facebook Groups

Find Facebook groups where your target market hangs out, read the page rules and try and engage in that group when you can. Perhaps your Facebook page is the answer to a persons query so mention it. Just be careful not to be too spammy or salesy as people are in groups for an interest or to learn so being pushy will have people skimming past your posts.

If your target market is Aussie Bizmums, then checkout this cheatsheet with 10 Facebook groups to join plus the weeks topics so you know when you can promote your product and/or services: Australian Bizmum Facebook Groups.



4. Add your Page to your Personal Profile

This way when you comment in a Facebook Group people can see who you are and what page you manage – don’t say you have never Facebook stalked someone!

To do this

  1. Go your Facebook page on a desktop/laptop
  2. Scroll down the page and on the right hand side menu you will see ‘Team Members’
  3. Add your name here
  4. Now visit you personal page and you will see a clickable link


5. Don’t Crosspost from Instagram

When you crosspost from Instagram to Facebook you will end up with a Facebook post with the all the Instagram hashtags and a mention that it was an Instagram post. Instead create content for each platform and post to each platform separately. I know its a bit of extra work, but don’t forget with Facebook you can schedule your posts so put aside an hour a week to schedule a weeks worth of unique content.



Good luck with your new page, it can be hard to get started and its so tempting to ask everyone to like your page, but at the end of the day you are much better to have a smaller audience with engaged people than a huge audience and no engagement.

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