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New South Wales

Hey! I’m Stacey,

I used to work in finance and spent most of those 17 years as a small business manager. These days, I’m a social media business coach working with small business owners to create simple social strategies that actually work

And like you, I’ve better things to do with my time than stress about my social media sales or client conversions.

How do I do it ?


I focus on getting social media into cruise control, gaining authentic, totally engaged followers who, just like that, convert into real clients.

Think it can’t be done? Or more to the point, think you can’t do it?

Think again!

It can be done and you, my lovely, are just the woman to do it.

If you want the kind of social media feeds other people click on to see why you’re doing so well you might want to join my exclusive membership.

Why social media (and why I love it so so much)

It all started with posting silly photos on MySpace. Yes, MySpace and yep, I’m that old. Ugh. As time went on, I was posting pics of my kids (coz they’re just so damn gorgeous) and having the odd rant on my blog about, well, things people rant about.

Then I started my online business. I had to create content. And connect on social media.

I was home.

But better than that, I was good. Like, really good.

People started coming to me for help with their social media.

That’s when it hit me.

People just like me needed help navigating this ever-changing online world of social media.

And here I am. A fair dinkum social media business coach.

I promise to make socials fun and simple. I believe everyone deserves success. And most of all, I’m so happy you stopped by.

5 Fun Facts About Me

  1.  My favourite TV show is The Vampire Diaries. Totes in love with Damon Salvatore. I’ve watched the entire series. Twice.
  2. I don’t know my left from my right. My kids legit yell at all the time.
  3. I’m most comfortable in a pub listening to live music. No heels and fancy bars for me.
  4. My favourite food is pasta. I should’ve been Italian. But carbs are not always my friend.
  5. My favourite place is Paris. I loved Paris. Next, I want to go on an Alaskan/Canadian cruise.

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