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New South Wales

Hey! I’m Stacey,

Mum, wife, champagne enthusiast, self confessed karaoke queen and Social Media Nerd at The Social Hub.

I help business owners create simple Social Media strategies that work and take the overwhelm out of their marketing. So they can attract your ideal client, engage them with ease and convert more into paying clients.

I specialise in Facebook & Instagram Marketing with a strong focus on organic content, which is the FREE part of the platforms. Using strategies that are specific to Social Media you learn how to attract exactly the type of clients you want to work with and engage them through well crafted content that nurtures them through the client journey.

I help clients master the Paid Advertising part of the platforms through defined and strategic Facebook Ads that compliment their entire Social Media Strategy.

Whether you are someone who likes to learn on your own, with a coach or in a group I have something for you. With a range of self paced programmes, coaching options and group workshops there is something for everyone!

I would love to chat to you more about the unique needs of your business and how we can totally illuminate it on socials.

Join my FREE Facebook Group for regular business coaching, particularly Socials.


And book your FREE Social Catch Up where we can nut out what your strategy can look like and how it will light up your business.


Look forward to hearing from you babe!

Until then,


Head Cheif In Charge Of Fun At The Social Hub

How to Contact Me
Phone: 0416174163

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