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Just being on social media is not enough, to sustain and grow your business you need a total digital marketing plan.

But what is Digital Marketing. Put simply its marketing of products and services using digital technologies. Mainly online (think websites, emails, social media) but also including podcasts, apps, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

It’s a very powerful tool that unlike traditional marketing channels allows you to see, almost instantly, what is working and what isn’t. And most importantly its cheap!

Elucidation means an explanation that makes something clear. The Social in front is for Social Media, an evolving marketing tool that if used correctly can be a highly target and  a very cost effective promotional channel.

Social Elucidation helps businesses with all their digital marketing needs. Assisting those who struggle (whether your time poor or digitally inept) to navigate in the digital landscape by providing clear explanations and simple marketing solutions.

Focusing on 3 key areas to help help clients market their business. Knowing Your BusinessSet Up (building your digital marketing tools) and Sharing (spreading the word). Social Elucidation provides simple marketing solution topics on my blog, consulting packages and building of websites, email marketing campaigns, social media platforms and content creation and management.

With a background in Marketing and over 20 years of experience, I’m a loyal and highly capable marketer with a broad skill set. I have a Bachelor of Marketing and the Media completed in 2001 at Murdoch University. I will deliver your business simple, affordable digital marketing solutions to meet your businesses marketing objectives.

Denika Thompson

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Phone: 0403323833

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