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Words Sell. Or Repel. You Decide!

Website not converting? It's a pretty common problem! But before you hit up your tech dude for a re-design, I’ve got a better solution to your soul-sucking, website drama.

Lesson 1: Magnetic Marketing & Messaging MAKES MORE MONEY!

‘Cause when your message sucks, aint no one gonna buy your shizz.

Clarity will save your business. Personality will pay your bills.

Hello! I’m Sarah Walkerden (Magnetic Marketing Magic)! I take all those crazy thoughts from inside your head, and craft them into the precise clever words that sell – every, single, time!

(I’m also a bit of website tech nerd too and a business coach/strategist on the side – making me pretty unbeatable as a ‘Copywriter’, don’t you think?)

Wanna have a little fun and blow your competition out of the water?

Hire me and I’ll write you the compelling copy that converts :)

WordPress Websites

Handily, I'm also quite capable of building stunning websites in WordPress. I have affordable WordPress solutions, which you can package up with some copywriting too, for a discount.

P.S Want the boring stuff too? I've had 15 years experience as a Web Content Specialist, across a wide range of large corporate organisations and smaller businesses. I also built an eCommerce brand to six figures, before selling it :)

How to Contact Me
Phone: 0401764169

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