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As an entrepreneur, one of the last things on your mind is legal issues.  When you have an amazing idea and the skills to make it happen, you start a business by simply ‘doing the business’.

However, one of the most important aspects of business success is to ensure you reduce your risk exposure!

Protect yourself, your clients and your future.

Many start ups are scared of legals simply because they don’t understand them. How do you get legally set up for success? Talk to someone who has the answers for you. Someone who will work with you and get to understand your business so to provide informed advice.

I love nothing more than being able to share my skills and knowledge with you – the business owner –  and to not only help you understand your business legals, but help you fall in LOVE with them.  This is my passion, this is my job.

  • Are you scared of the legal side of your business?
  • Worried you will over legalise your business?
  • Not sure if you actually need legals?
  • Know that you need some form of legals but not sure what it is?

Let me work with you to help you understand what is important and what can wait!

I can help you....

  • Can help you gain control of your mindset and heart-space when business decisions feel overwhelming.
  • sSave you time, build your confidence, and provide hands-on support when you’re too emotionally invested to be objective.
  • With  legal documentation, research and administration support services for legal-related tasks, and issues that you could do yourself and choose not to.
  • With honest advice about when you  *really need* a lawyer, and help you find one that suits your needs, values and budget!
  • Help you identify legal tasks and issues that you can easily do on your own. (This can be a great way to build your business-skills, and save money in legal fees!)
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