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Hi, I'm Jen from Simply Smarter Numbers.

I've been working with business owners for nearly 20 years as either a CEO, CFO or CPA (I'm an ex-accountant and very happy not to be talking tax anymore!) 

My husband and I have run a large and successful business of our own for the past 12 years and while that ticks along beautifully in the background, I have proudly foundered my own baby - Simply Smarter Numbers.

Simply Smarter Numbers is here to help biz owners make more profit and take back their time.

I work with ambitious business owners who are ready to think bigger and take action to skyrocket their biz know-how, their profit, their cashflow, their sales and importantly - their free-time!

I'm a Business Profit Coach - why 'profit' coach?  Well, I'm obsessed with building you, not just more sales, more revenue, more income BUT with building you a more profitable business.

THEN when you marry up a profitable business with an 'elegant' business model you get the chance to have more free time, improve your lifestyle, take the days off work you want, go on the holidays you fantasize about or live in the family home of your dreams.

Because profit = cash and cash = lifestyle.

As for that elegant business model that I mentioend, well I'll tell you all about it one day when we chat :)

If you do want to chat or check out what I do then here's a few links for you;

> Schedule a Free 30 minute Strategy Intensive Call HERE:  Free 30min Strategy Intensive 

> Checkout my website HERE: 

> Or if you just want to get straight to work checkout your options HERE: 1:1 Customised Profit Consultations

I look forward to connecting with you soon,






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Phone: 0428574206

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