The Digital Mums Directory is all about connecting mums working in Online/Digital Marketing to Business Mums running a small business with an online presence. As mums working from home/ working a second job or just setting up, we all face similar challenges and sometimes the best person to understand and help is another mum going through the same journey.

Are you running a small business and don’t know where to find help with your online presence? or do people start throwing technical jargon at you? Have you looked at costs and thought no way? We can introduce you to mums who work from home, are easy to understand, will take the time to understand your business, they are probably your target market and best of all provide you with a price that is reasonable for your needs.

Are you a mum working from home in online marketing? We know that working from home and being a mum can take up a lot of time so sometimes marketing to find new clients can be hard. List your business in our directory and be found by mums in small business. We are looking for web developers, graphic designers, e-book developers, SEO Experts, Social Media Managers, video editors and business strategists specialising in online.

Most importantly the Digital Mums Directory is a community which is all about sharing information, tips and tricks to help grow your business and help you dominate the ever changing world of online marketing!

About Me

Welcome, I’m Nat!

I’m Nat and I’ve worked in online marketing for over 15 years starting in the IT department of a major retailer (cause no one could work out what department a website person should be in back then). For the last 5 years I’ve been working freelance from home while raising 3 kids.

Up until a year ago I went about my business on my own and while I enjoyed it, I missed the adult conversations that come from an office environment. I debated going back to an office but I enjoyed being home with the kids (especially while they are only little once).

Enter social media and I found a tribe, my tribe, of mums working freelance in online marketing around Australia. Its given me people to bounce ideas off, pass work to or help them out when they need it.

I plan on introducing you to some amazing mums and meet some more myself – Welcome.