7 non-salesy tips for content that converts

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We all want sales, right? That’s why we’re in business. But sometimes it can feel like we’re hitting our heads against a brick wall when it comes to creating content that helps us converts paying clients. And doing it without feeling salesy? I know that may seem impossible.

However, if you take into consideration the following tips, you’ll notice that your content creation will become easier and more purposeful. You may even feel like you’ve got an organised strategy working in your favour.


1. Create content in line with your client journey

If you’re keen to know about my un-sales funnel approach to content marketing, then you can read this blog. But in a nutshell, there are 5 stages to the client journey.

Connect – Subscribe – Nurture – Convert – Onboard.

Notice how I said 5 stages? Notice how Convert is stage 4? This means that every piece of content you create forms part of a web that helps your ideal client move from not knowing anything about you, through to becoming a raving fan. The convert stage is just one stage in the entire journey.

So, when we talk about content that converts, it’s not a single piece of content that will magically bring you a sale. As much as I’d love for it to happen, your ideal client won’t see one social media post or read one email or blog and want to work with you.
It takes time and patience to work through the client journey and as soon as you realise this, you’ll become more purposeful with your content creation, making it more likely that it will convert in the future.


2. Define your objectives

What, exactly are you trying to do? It may be converting visitors to your landing page to subscribers. It might be converting webinar attendees to sales. Or even converting email subscribers to your Facebook Group.

Once you’re clear on what you’re trying to achieve and how much of it, then make sure that you’re regularly tracking it. An open cart after a webinar is usually short, so you’ll need to track your sales daily. Landing page subscribers may be weekly and Facebook Group members monthly.

By tracking how you’re going on a regular basis you’ll be able to make changes and tweaks quickly to make sure that you stay on track to achieve your conversion goals.


3. Know your ideal client

I know you’ve heard this a million before, but stick with me! Tapping into your ideal client’s persona and problems, particularly the internal problems (or what I like to call the mean girl chatter), with your content is going to move them through all of the client journey stages quickly and easily.

And the result? More sales without feeling like you have to sell!

If you’re not really clear on who your ideal client is, then try out this fun exercise. The Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar will help you attract your ideal client.


Ideal Client Avatar Workbook

4. Connection through stories

When was the last time you told someone a story? You probably did it without even realising. By telling stories we entertain, empathise, convince and build rapport, without the need to feel like we’re selling. Story telling should be weaved into as much as your content as possible, from social media posts to email marketing to blogs.


5. People connect with people

People typically don’t buy the features of your thing, they buy the transformation. And a large part of what helps this transformation happen is you. So, make sure that you’re weaving into your content your values, purpose, personality, what you stand for and what you don’t stand for. Give them a reason to like you, get to know you, trust you and then buy from you.


6. Ditch the templates

The market is currently flooded with low cost swipe files and templates. Whilst these are great to help you get started and gain momentum, they should only be used for inspiration, not for copying. The reason is that they aren’t written with you, your market or your ideal client in mind. Conversion is more likely to happen when you’re being genuinely yourself, not someone else’s words. Remember your ideal client loves you for who you are.


7. Tell them what to do

Make it crystal clear to your audience exactly what you’re selling and what you want them to do. You can do this by adding a clear call to action to download, save, join, follow or buy your thing. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it!

So, in summary, there is no magic formula for content that converts. It’s an array of different tools that you can use to build into your content strategy so that you are helping your ideal client move through the client journey towards conversion.

If you need help in creating a content strategy that identifies your client journey and gives you a sustainable plan to implement then get in contact with me. I’d love to help you create purposeful content that converts.

Meld Business Services Mel

About Mel Daniels

Mel Daniels is a Content Strategy & Creation Specialist.

Mel helps women like you create their own unique client journey by using content in a logical, meaningful way. This will connect with your audience in a genuine and non-salesy way that grows your business.


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